Saturday, September 8, 2012

Encantadia Musical in Party Pilipinas?

The historical telefantasya from GMA 7, Encantadia is set to do a comeback... but a musical?

Followers of the most popular telefantasya ever produced on Philippine TV is set to hit the TV screens today. But not as a primetime series for its second book. As a segment in Party Pilipinas episode today entitled #PPBold. Its episode director, Direk Mark Reyes, tweeted about it days ago.

Who will play Sang'gres for the said segment? Here's a glimpse from Direk Mark's tweets.

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It's interesting that three of the original Sang'gres are now Kapamilya. Karylle, who first moved to ABS-CBN played Alena, the singing enkantada. Iza Calzado, who joined the Kapamilya family just recently, played Amihan. And Diana Zubiri, who signed a Kapamilya contract just this week, played Danaya. They're also expected to appear in ASAP 2012 today. In the same network is Dawn Zulueta, who played queen in Encantadia.

Is it a sign that the second book is underway?

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