Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Will Marian Rivera's Temptation Of Wife Be Tempting?

News has it that Marian Rivera alongside Dennis Trillo have been chosen to be lead cast in the Filipino remake of Korean drama Temptation Of Wife. Will it tempt viewers to watch it or otherwise?

In a PEP Alert released yesterday, it was announced that GMA Network Entertainment Department is planning to showcase another Koreanovela remake this year after Coffee Prince remake has been announced days ago. It can be remembered that Temptation Of Wife garnered very high ratings when it was shown in the afternoon slot. After months, it was replayed and surprisingly hit the primetime slot. Despite the fact that it was a replay, it still garnered remarkable ratings.

A simple but complex story of romance, friendship and betrayal. Simple because it revolves around three major characters--the lead actress as wife, the lead actor as husband, and the supporting actress as mistress and bestfriend. Complex because as her husband chooses to kill her, she manages to survive and come back as the lookalike but in reality she was still the wife.
Watch the old trailer of Temptation Of Wife

Will Marian Rivera be able to portray the subtly angry and bitter character of the wife? Will their team up as partners avenging each other be a good recipe in primetime viewing?

From the comments at, people seem to have different opinions not only about the show but also about the cast.

We question… Will this be a good follow-up for both Marian Rivera and Dennis Trillo as they return in Kapuso primetime?

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