Friday, August 10, 2012

Why Kapuso-to-be Rafael Rosell Is For RH Bill

His recent tweets have been about RH Bill. No mention of a new season in his life, a new chapter, or anything that leads to a thought of transferring to a new network. Rafael Rosell, one of Star Magic's priced possessions, is slated to take on a new path in his life, a change of network. 

And while everyone else is waiting for that big interview about his transfer, we've decided to share his views on the recent political fuss--the RH BILL and how he shares the same feeling with blogger

RH Bill: Pros and Cons

Okay so I'm done with the definition and the history of the RH Bill, I've also discussed where it stands now with the current Aquino administration but I feel that I need to elaborate the implications that the bill comes with. So far there are 14 guiding principles that serve as the framework of the RH Bill, if I put all of that in here I will be wasting both your time and mine since I know you won't be reading it. So instead of enumerating each of the bill's principles, I decided to weigh in its pros and cons so in that way, it is interesting and stimulating at the same time!

I have to be honest, I had a pretty hard time being objective with this one since as you may have guessed by now, I am definitely pro-RH Bill but nevertheless here is what I have so far:


1. It gives a person freedom to choose whatever he wants
2. It is 100% pro-chance
3. It will greatly contribute to the prevention of HIV and Aids
4. It will help control the country's booming population
5. It will increase awareness regarding responsible parenthood
6. It will secure and promote both women's and children's rights
7. It will provide health care services for the poor and the marginalized
8. It will provide adolescents enough information about all the dangers of engaging in pre-marital sex
9. …and hopefully this will decrease the number of unwanted pregnancies that leads to abortion


1. It grants easier access to contraceptives even for adolescents
2. It will definitely increase the percentage of couples engaging in pre-marital sex

So this is basically it. This is all that I can think of. I told you I would have a hard time enumerating the different disadvantages of the RH Bill because I can only think of few (By few, I literally mean two). This does not make me a bad Catholic or anti-life but this makes me realistic. Hello people! You need to open your eyes and realize that we need to do something to control the rapid increase of our population. I know that it does go against the will of our Father but think about it, the entire country is suffering because of other people’s lack of knowledge about these certain things.

You may think I am being mean or something but I get irritated whenever I see couples crying on national television, complaining that they do not have enough money to support their ten kids. Then after which the wife will say, “sana tulungan po kami ng panginoong Diyos.” Well then, they should have thought about that before deciding to have so many children. God is there to guide us all the way but it is still up to us to make our own decisions in life. These people (the poor and the marginalized) need the RH Bill to further broaden their knowledge regarding responsible parenthood and sex in general. People would often joke about these kinds of situations and say “wala kasi silang magawa kaya nagaanak nalang sila.” That is not a valid excuse! We do our part in the society now it is time for them to do the same thing. ★
Rosell surely received various reactions from his followers when he tweeted this. But just like any other ordinary person, he too has his own opinion and he is, like the cliche goes, entitled to his own. To each his own as they say.

On the other hand, the showbiz world is definitely looking out for him, waiting for that appearance to finally announce his new path. Is this final? reported that he's doing a short role in Aso Ni San Roque and after that a major role alongside Marian Rivera in the Pinoy remake of Temptation Of Wife with Dennis Trillo and Alessandra De Rossi. If this materializes, this primetime soap will surely capture a wide viewership given the acting prowess of the Trillo, De Rossi, and Rosell along with the primetime dominance of Rivera.

Is Rafael Rosell really becoming a Kapuso? Or is it another "Diether Ocampo" stunt? One thing is certain, he's for RH Bill. We wonder who else are and otherwise.

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