Friday, August 31, 2012

Primetime Awards Nominees for August 2012


This week, primetime soaps have been heating up. But with all the shows in primetime for both Kapamilya and Kapuso, there are four that stand out and we list them down according to quality.

1) Walang Hanggan
Almost everyone's hooked to this. When it started, it seemed as if it was a declaration, a claiming in the wind that this show would indeed be everlasting. True enough, it looks like it won't end after all. Even as it was extended for a longer time, the way the show gets people glued at their TV sets is impressive. If not for the acting of both the veterans and the slightly experienced young actors/actresses, the show would have been ended earlier.

At first, the story was consistently good. But now that they're trying to prolong it, the show is on a dangerous route. But fans don't notice it at all so they're still safe.

2) One True Love
Who would expect that this 'filler' soap from GMA 7 would hit #1 eventually even just for a night? Despite the fact that it's a high-rating soap, Walang Hanggan was a show to beat. But because of the revelations on Thursday, more Pinoy viewers obviously wanted to see how good Raymond Bagatsing and Alden Richard's performances will be when they meet again, this time with Bagatsing's awareness that he's the dad to Soyti.

The show started good but not as engaging as Walang Hanggan, hence, the latter remains on top of the game. But script-wise, this soap deserves to be released as a novel. Kudos to the scriptwriters!

3) Luna Blanca
If not for Camille Prats' acting, this show would be gone. The two kids who played little Luna and Blanca did well but the script wasn't written to be that engaging. However, when it flipped to book two, the show gathered more viewers. Scenes improved to be more thrilling. All the more when the entry of Barbie Forteza as the impersonator came out. She proved to be an actress here in this role.

The major reason why it comes before the more popular Princess and I is because of its well-executed shots and well-thought concept.

4) Princess and I
Ask a lot of Kapamilya fans who love Walang Hanggan if they like the show that comes before it. Most of them would tell you that they don't. It's nothing against the script, the concept, the actors. It's just that Princess and I is more for young viewers and it fails in pleasing the older ones. But popularity-wise, Princess and I is a homerun!

For a time, we wondered why Daniel Padilla became a big name all of a sudden. When we watched it, we didn't wonder anymore. Not that he's a good actor. Not that he's a good singer. Not that he's the most handsome newcomer. Because in all those aspects, he has yet to work on them big time. But only because of his natural charisma! He should be thankful for it.

When we say quality, we're talking about the consistency of script, portrayal of characters, popularity, chemistry in all aspects, and convincing storyline even when all is fiction.

As an entry, we'll include TV5's Enchanted Garden in some of the categories for the sake of including all three major networks.

So as we go, let's pretend that weekend is going to be the Primetime Awards Night for the top four primetime soaps. Get your votes counted.

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Best Musical Scoring
No doubt it goes to Walang Hanggan

Best Scriptwriting

For Best Supporting Actress
For Best Supporting Actor
For Best Actress

For Best Actor
lukato biżuteria

For Best Primetime Soap

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