Tuesday, August 14, 2012

3 Reasons Why Rafael Rosell Will Rise As Kapuso

Yes, Rafael Rosell is now officially a Kapuso. Despite the fact that GMA 7 has not released an official statement or update about this, Rafael Rosell's tweets make it already obvious.

We've already made a feature about him in the past days about his role in Temptation of Wife. And now that it's more like it, he's most likely landing the role of one of the leading men in the Pinoy remake of this koreanovela.

But we're not here to talk about his projects and all. We're here to give you three reasons why Rafael Rosell will rise as a Kapuso. Here we go...

1. He has the 'it.' ABS-CBN would not have invested in him had he not have that 'it' factor. The reason why he's still here is because he has it. He's a character actor. He has played roles effectively as a Kapamilya. He's one who does roles with so much passion. Put him anywhere and he can deliver.

2. He's managed by Marian Rivera's manager. Nuff said!

3. He's a Star Magic talent. And you know the drill… Wherever you put them, they will soar for as long as they'll do their part! Credits to their originating training management--Star Magic.

To Mr. Rafael Rosell, the newest Kapuso, haters will follow you but that's the way it goes. We wish you the best!

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