Wednesday, February 3, 2016

How the potential of Ryan Agoncillo to be a Pinoy Superhero is wasted

We've seen him host and he's done it so well! We've seen him act on TV & the silver screen and he's done so well also. He's now pulling off a sitcom every weekend and he's doing more than well. But there’s still one thing that he has yet to do for his fans and the viewers. One thing that perfectly fits him well because he can pull off just any role given to him. We’re talking about a superhero character.

Hasn’t GMA Network thought of giving him a title role on primetime that’s going to feature him as a superhero? That show will be perfect for him since his image is by far credible even for kids. Plus he can do comedy so the role can be a goofy human but serious superhero.

Like it or not, Ryan Agoncillo has the charm that can capture even the younger audience. Given the right storyline and strategic marketing and promotion, Ryan Agoncillo could just be the better replacement of the slot that Richard Gutierrez has vacated for quite a long time already.

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