Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Why We'll Watch KimXi's The Story of Us

Among all the trailers released by ABS-CBN during their trade show on December 2015, the one that was most promising is... KimXi soap opera entitled The Story of Us.

Set in Palawan, Kim Chiu & Xian Lim's character will grow up together. They will also grow in love to each other but the same old story of not being allowed by the lady's parents/guardian. Both characters will promise each other their forever love. They both fly to United Stated (New York to be specific) on separate occasions and the deeper conflict will arise.

We like this the most because both actors are now given more realistic and deeper roles. For sure, this will be a heavy drama to fill in that timeslot in ABS-CBN's Primetime Bida.

Based on the trailer, Xian Lim can now level up to the acting of Kim Chiu. So it's a plus to this soap.

What's catchy about this series is the last line of the teaser that Kim Chiu's character said,
Hindi Amerika ang sumira sa atin Makoy. Ikaw!
It gives us a good idea that the story is not just about the same old love here and there but the struggles of couples in the land where dreams are said to be made of-- United States of America.


  1. i told you we're all amazed by the this love team KIMXI they proved everything ,they did their best for this teleserye THE STORY OF US : so millions of their fans were very eager to watch and I'm one of them ..Thank you so much ABS-CBN,MORE POWER ! Thank you for the LOVE ! and thank you too for taking good care of your artists/ KIMXI> I can feel it ..promise this love team is for real and LOVED by their supporters..GOD BLESS them..