Thursday, September 3, 2015

Gerald Napoles versus Luis Manzano on Sunday Comic Segments

At this point, we will say these ahead: 
●ASAP 20 should just let Luis Manzano host.
●Gerald Napoles is way up there when it comes to live comedy plus his singing voice.
●Sunday Pinasaya knows comedy better than ASAP 20.

Only a few Sundays passed yet many Filipino viewers are already talking about Rico Fabio, the role Gerald Napoles plays in the new and out-this-world Sunday noontime show of GMA Network called Sunday Pinasaya.

Who is Gerald Napoles?
His brand of comedy was discovered in the hit Pinoy musical Rak of Aegis. His character was well-loved by the people who have seen the musical.

He is good! So good that when he was tapped for the noontime show, it was like TAPE INC has just placed an A card on the deck.


This to say that all other counterparts from the competitor are but copycats who seem literally copycats.

Admit it! Sunday Pinasaya made sure they knew their brand-- live musical comedy. ASAP 20, by putting Luis Manzano in the battlefield, is almost like committing suicide. They should really jusy stick to what they are so good at-- live musical variety show.

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