Friday, August 14, 2015

Will Tanghalan Sa Telebisyon Format Still Pop?

Will Tanghalan Sa Telebisyon format still become popular granted the old ways? Or the better question should be, will Regine Velasquez-Alcasid make the show popular?

Rumor has it that ABS-CBN plans to make the comeback of this classic singing competition really big. And to make it big, they need to pirate Asia's Songbird herself Regine Velasquez-Alcasid from GMA Network.

Rumor has gotten stronger because the the lineup of shows for Asia's Songbird is now down to one, Sarap Diva, her weekend musical talk show. Her stint on Sunday afternoons, formerly Sunday noontimes, is also over since GMA Network has decided to give viewers a new flavor, a comedy-variety show via Sunday PinaSaya. The hopes are still high for the viewers that they will see Regine sing again on TV since rumor has it as well that Party Pilipinas is set to make a big comeback on Sunday primetime.

But that hope is about to be deferred. Coz we might just see Asia's Songbird in ABS-CBN through this talent competition.

If you want to get clues, Instagram doesn't have it. Her latest post is this about her concert.

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