Friday, August 14, 2015

Beautiful Strangers, On The Wings of Love & My Faithful Husband: Which One Prevailed?

This is not a Kapamilya versus Kapuso post. This is just simple truth that leaves you reasons to make a choice.

For On the Wings of Love, Beautiful Strangers, and My Faithful Husband, no soap opera is better than the other. The reason why we’re putting these three shows in one pedestal because they all had its pilot at the same night. Usual response from the viewers is to compare them. But last Monday was different. They are incomparable to each other.

Why can’t we compare the three?

Beautiful Strangers is not after viewers going ‘gaga’ over ‘kilig’ scenes. The show is after viewers who are looking for intense storylines with characters having to compete among one another. The likes of Amor Powers vs. Claudia in the remake of Pangako Sa Yo. Given a consistently good scriptwriting and well-crafted lines between the characters of Dina Bonnevie and Ayen Laurel and of Heart Evangelista-Escudero and Lovi Poe, this soap opera will be a masterpiece to the viewers’ hearts for sure.

GMA Telebabad was able to do that during the time of Legacy which starred the same tandem as well of Lovi and Heart. But that soap didn’t get as much hype as it deserved because it was pitted against an already strong force Magkaribal with Bea Alonzo, Gretchen Barretto and Derek Ramsay. Hopefully this time, the competition between the characters will be more talked about.

On the Wings of Love is the soap that goes after viewers who are in for a romantic ride. James Reid and Nadine Lustre are more than ready to deliver after consecutive blockbuster romantic movies under VIVA Films. With naturally good portrayals from the first few episodes, this soap opera will surely steal the hearts of the viewers who are after a light drama series late at night. Indeed, ABS-CBN was right in labeling this one as 2015’s most romantic teleserye. It really is!

This is also for people who would like to watch scenes from the United States of America. The way they did it is awesome. First time on Philippine TV to have a soap opera shot in US that looks legit. The last time was with Marvin and Jolina that didn't showcase most of the location.

My Faithful Husband is not after only one type of viewer. This masterpiece by Suzette Doctolero (headwriter) and Bb. Joyce Bernal (director) is something for all viewers. Talk about ‘kilig’ scenes, the characters of Dennis Trillo and Jennylyn Mercado have that in the early part of the story. But these scenes are about to end so better back-watch already before it takes a wild turn.

Talk about ‘tagos sa puso’ scenes like when Jen’s character was questions the character of Dennis why a man like him would like a woman like her. Talk about intense scenes when the role of Snooky Serna would confront the wife of her son.

My Faithful Husband is so far the best that viewers can have this year. It’s new. To date, these are the best TV roles given to Dennis Trillo and Jennylyn Mercado. Something real. Something more relevant to viewers. Something well-written. The good thing about it is the roles were given to them at just a perfect time when Jennylyn has proven her worth already in the acting department. And when Dennis Trillo started getting tired of the roles he has gotten, this one is a breather, something with depth.

Again, we repeat, the three shows can not be compared to each other. But The Outsider says that if you were to single out one soap for lack of time every night to watch of for not having the luxury of time to watch online for its replay, faithfully pick My Faithful Husband because it will deliver almost everything you will ask for. We just can’t wait to witness the martyrdom of Trillo’s role in this soap and the dilemmas the role of Mercado will face when the character of Mikael Daez comes into the picture.

But if you’re just after a lighter one, make sure to pick On The Wings of Love. Occasionally if you want some acting showdown, watch Beautiful Strangers.

If only these TV shows run just weekly but for an hour or an hour and a half per episode. It would be better at least we can watch all of them.

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