Monday, June 15, 2015

Who is Pangako Sa 'Yo Remake For?

After watching last night's (June 15, 2015) episode of Pangako Sa 'Yo, we realized something. This 2015 remake is not exactly for the ones who have watched it 15 years ago. It's a classic story from two decades ago being retold for today's generation.

It's not for those who at their teens enjoyed the whirlwind romance of Angelo and Yna played by Jericho Rosales and Kristine Hermosa. It's for those who want to story itself but told in this generation's style, culture and timeline.

So after realizing this, we've come up with a guide for dummies on HOW NOT TO WATCH PANGAKO SA YO Remake:

  1. Do not look for Jericho Rosales & Kristine Hermosa schools of acting. Gone are the days of the emotional guy whose tears are easy to fall care of Echo himself. This is now Daniel Padilla's turn to showcase the character he perceives from the script. Gone are the days of the deep thinking and strong but knows-her-place look of Kristine Hermosa. This is now Kathryn Bernardo's turn of depicting a character she thinks who Yna is. Give it to them.
  2. Do not stop yourself from getting 'kilig'. Don't be age-conscious and say you're too old to feel something from the latest tandem-- KathNiel. It's ok. You are not alone. After that episode which featured Daniel Padilla as Angelo directly telling Yna that he likes her, just think about the countless scenes still to come. So be ready to be yourself.
  3. Do not question the placement of characters and their timeline. Some if not most of you who've seen the original piece may be wondering why the character of Mr. P came out real soon. Now we're not sure if he's the Tony Banks (played by Ricky Davao) but his character didn't appear early on. Leave it to the writers though as to how they want to tell the story. It's their script, it's their timeline.
  4. Do not expect Tata Isko to be as phenomenal as before. It was the actor himself at that time that made the character popular. Now we don't believe Jericho Rosales was offered that role for the remake. You know ABS-CBN and their promotional schemes.
  5. Do not wait for the Claudia vs. Amor Powers show before you watch Pangako Sa Yo 2015. The soap opera is now getting high ratings despite not having them yet. We tell you, this remake will raise the bar in terms of the romance between characters Angelo and Yna. Unlike the original which was more me-and-you-against-the-world serious type scenes, this one will have more scenes that will put you back to your teenage years. The writers will make sure you fall in love with the tandem first before the world goes against them brutally.
We certainly have comments here and there like how Angelica Panganiban's portrayal of Claudia is similar to her character portrayal in the movie Beauty in a Bottle. But we choose to say the least of that and just enjoy the remake.

Meanwhile, enjoy this throwback scene of Amor Powers versus Claudia Buenavista.

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  1. Yeah! Just enjoy watching PSY and let KathNiel give justice to their roles :)