Thursday, June 18, 2015

Sarah Lahbati inks deal with VIVA

Photo by @nitzcape

VIVA is about to make the name SARAH big. This time, in the name of Sarah Lahbati.

After coming back to GMA Network since the conflict, Sarah Lahbati has decided to transfer to a new management from GMA Artist Center to VIVA.

Last night she was very excited for it.

Just what does it mean for her to be with the established management company now?

1. Movies. Not just movies but blockbuster hits.

2. Roles that will hit the households for sure on TV. Whether GMA or ABS-CBN, Sarah is sure to land roles that will be big. Look at Bela Padilla who is now paired with Coco Martin.

It might be better strategy though to make her stay in GMA Network since there are many slots to fill for full reign. But VIVA knows better.

3. Albums that sell. She has a singing voice and an image that can make it sell. So there you have it.

So Philippines, now that she's with VIVA...
Prepare for Sarah Lahbati!

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