Thursday, May 28, 2015

GMA Records Scoring Better with James Wright & Julie Anne San Jose

It seems like the GMA Network music department GMA Records has pulled in the right people to run the business. They have been making better decisions than GMA Films and GMA Drama. First good decision was to boost the career of Julie Anne San Jose by producing her albums and concerts. Then came James Wright who has good talent and whose career has been boosted by having him sing major soap opera OST and then an album.

Indeed, they're on the right track. And with a little more push and focus, they will certainly make the label's name as big as other record labels in the country. The huge benefit for that will go to the artists who will gain instant success with their albums and concerts.

Even better is what they are offering to the fans of MyJaps-- two new music videos that go beyond the standards of what we have seen so far in the local screens. Wish them well that they achieve that.

Watch the preview of her Not Impressed music video

Watch behind-the-scenes of her Tidal Wave MV shoot

In another note, we were so right about James Wright. When his music video  of Ikaw Yon came out, we posted a tweet that it is good!

A few weeks after, his album hit the Gold Record award. The sad thing though is it was awarded via Unang Hirit so not a lot of Kapuso viewers were able to learn about it. They can only hope that Eat Bulaga, Wowowin, and Sunday All Stars would give him a slot to perform and announce the achievement of his album.

What's next for James Wright? Or the better question is, what's next for GMA Records? Hhmmm... The 'betterer' question is, what's next for James Wright and Julie Anne San Jose?

With their individual achievements in their separate albums and careers, and a trending moment when they performed in the not-so-talked-about Sunday All Stars, GMA Network should think about striking a deal for these two instead of the height-challenged (to Julie Anne) Jake Vargas.


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  2. Julie's new songs are produce by Sydney Brown an American Record producer and its music videos are by Vim Entertainment. GMA Records will just release it in the Ph because it is her label here. Aside from Julie who is their talent, GMA has 0 input about the productions. Same to her concerts where GMA only held media distributions. Better do research and quit misinforming everyone and give where the credits are due.