Thursday, April 23, 2015

Why Nathaniel will Soar High

A new soap opera is about to go phenomenal. It's not the heartthrob priest. Not the brothers under the bridge. Not even the teenage lovers who once had forevermore. But it'snone other than the fallen angel Nathaniel.

With the history of success ABS-CBN has had with TV series that revolve mainly in two things-- a kid wonder and goodness, Kapamilya fans can expect that this one will be successful too. In fact, we think that this will be more successful than the one with Paulo Avelino and that other kid.

The good parts
Let's enumerate some of the good parts of this soap which are most likely to drive interest from the viewers.
-The role of Coney Reyes is enough to create tension every weeknight. Her line, "Yayaman ka" will certainly be a household expression.

-The kid they chose is really a kid wonder just by looking at him without having him say a line.

-Isabelle Daza is someone to watch out for as she brings in her charm she always had back in Kapuso camp.

-The story of a fallen angel may not be new since GMA Network had Pilyang Kerubim before but ABS-CBN has the experienced scriptwriters who know well how to make it more interesting than just a fallen angel story.

The parts that can be improved
-That scene when Shaina was giving her speech in the wake of her baby, that was not realistic. A grieving mother wouldn't be able to deliver a long and wordy speech at that.
-Gerald Anderson does it again. His voice acting is just really annoying. He lowers the pitch that makes him sound unnatural. Oh well.

In general, this soap will really soar high. Filipinos will have another soap opera to remind them that God is alive and that there is sure hope.

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