Friday, March 27, 2015

You're My Boss, Star Cinema's way of putting that GMA Films Sucks!

If anything, You're My Boss is surely not a spinoff of GMA Films flop movie My Lady Boss (oh did I say flop coz almost all movies they had were flop after they stopped producing epic movies). Starring the Toni Gonzaga and the leading man 'who needs a leading lady to pull up the gross income' Coco Martin, You're My Boss is something to watch out for this 2015 based on trailers.

As excited as we are to watch this movie, it's undeniable that this film has semblance with My Lady Boss which starred Marian Rivera and Richard Gutierrez. If you remember, that movie was a teamup that people looked forward to except that it was delayed because of the Sarah Lahbati-GMA Network controversy. GMA Films, however, decided to release the film despite unsettled matters. Because of such, the movie went nowhere aside from the fact that the film outfit really lacks a lot of things in terms of making movies popular. (to clarify, Marian Rivera was not at fault at all... Just in case Marianknights would react)

My Lady Boss earned more than P20million... only! That's a run of two weeks. The Toni-Coco starrer will make history for sure. But as you see the semblance, it makes you think that Star Cinema's upcoming movie is their way of putting that GMA Films sucks big time in wasting great concepts by doing a really bad execution both in filmmaking and promotions.

As an outsider, whether Star Cinema intends to 'in your face' GMA Films or not, we prefer to think that GMA Films really sucks big time! Wasted concepts. Wasted money. Wasted films. Gone are the days of Jose Rizal, Muro Ami, Sa Pusod Ng Dagat, Death Row, Moments of Love and the most successful Let the Love Begin (which has a 2015 remake).

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