Saturday, February 7, 2015

What it Means to Celebrate ASAP 20th Anniversary

Few days to go before ASAP solidifies its presence on Sunday noontime TV! And we're counting the days before ABS-CBN finally puts to death Sunday All Stars of GMA Network.

What it means to celebrate their 20th...

  • They have now become an institution.
  • No matter the ratings, they will remain.
  • They are part of pop culture.
  • They will be talked about after the Feb 22 episode.
  • They will mostly be talked about after every episode.
  • Their talents will have good exposure.
  • More talents will desire to be part of the show.
  • People will forget that there is such a thing as Sunday All Stars and all they will remember are either SOP or Party Pilipinas.
Congratulations to the brilliant men and women who, through the years, have sought after excellence and innovation. Our hope is as you take on 20 years and beyond, you will also bring the level of entertainment to something beyond.

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