Wednesday, February 4, 2015

The Unnecessary Tale of PNoy vs. Celebrities

This story about Kris Aquino and Judy Ann Santos on comments about our president's absence is unnecessary. So while most people are making a big deal out of it, here's our take on this matter.

People will comment because he's the president.
Our dear president surely knows that he's prone to constructive or bad comments. He is the president.

Showbiz personalities are no different from ordinary citizens. They can comment if they want to and it's their privilege. If they dishonor the president, they're accountable to their own words integrity-wise.

But most comments weren't derogatory at all. They were simply comments that sympathized with the families of the victims.

The president needs no unofficial defense on this matter.
Family member or not, the president needs their defense the LEAST. Leave it to the spokesperson. Besides, these people giving comments against him are mostly sympathy related comments.

We don't need another president this time.
Let's not be STUPID FOREVER PLEASE! His not showing up on the first day of mourning is not reason enough to impeach him. Grow up fellow Pinoys!

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