Monday, December 29, 2014

Has Anthony Taberna become a Showbiz Reporter that we didn't hear of?

Today, a controversy broke out: ABS-CBN & DZMM public affairs reporter and host releases a public statement via Instagram expressing how disappointed he is with some of the MMFF 2014 Awards Night results. Anthony Taberna makes a scene, a bad-tasting scene at that.

No, we're no fans of any of the winners. But we're no fans of such act as well, using such harsh words to malign those who won. Now don't get us wrong. Anyone in this country has freedom of speech. But when you're a journalist, a broadcaster, when a lot of people trust your word with the platform given to you by the network, you need to man up and make sure you don't add up to the list of tactless broadcasters who don't THINK BEFORE THEY CLICK.

We are not against freedom of expression. We are for responsible usage of media practitioners' influence.

We are for good examples not people who tactlessly release statements just because they want to or they want to be talked about.

That's our word on this matter.

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