Thursday, September 11, 2014

Jessica Soho on 24 Oras, for good?

It has been days that Jessica Soho, one of the pillars of GMA News & Public Affairs, took the newscaster's seat from tandem Mike Enriquez and Mel Tiangco. Varied comments have been expressed by viewers online. Granted the chance, would you rather see her nightly on GMA primetime or is it better left alone to the infamous news tandem?

As for The Outsider, this is our take:

1. Jessica Soho's tone is more relaxed yet still interesting.
Her voice may have been popularized already thanks to her very successful magazine show Kapuso Mo Jessica Soho. It has benefited her that any avid Kapuso would identify with her.

No matter how more relaxed her tone is, she still manages to make viewers glued to their screen and be interested to the incoming report.

The way Jessica Soho does it on 24 Oras actually reminds us of our calm yet strict and intelligent professors who, in their calm tone, would surprise you with mind-boggling questions every now and then.

2. Jessica Soho can manage to do a one-man-team newscast granted a company of good reporters.
No need to expound on it.

3. Is it just us or is it just us? 24 Oras has the had the feel of classy newscast since she came in.
Credits to the brand they have created with Enriquez and Tiangco that's more 'masa' but Soho also creates an opposite feel yet still reaching the hearts of the commoners.

With all due respect to the original newscasters, 24 Oras is more like an institution. Perhaps the substitution of Jessica Soho while the two are on break for whatever reason has simply brought the viewers' perspective to one direction-- that 24 Oras can still be better.

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