Thursday, July 24, 2014

"Release Me": Seeing Things From Aljur Abrenica's Lens

When Aljur Abrenica filed a petition to be released from his GMA Network contract yesterday, most people said 'all he has is a sexy body.' While the writer does not agree, The Outsider thinks this is the very reason why Abrenica has come to this point of his career when he needs to take a stand and demand for something meatier than just showing off his meat.

Thursday, he cries foul as his career, after long years of hardwork, still is stuck in his label as The Ultimate Hunk from Starstruck where he was launched into showbiz. For the many years he has been in showbiz, GMA Network has been successful in giving him the medals of his title. And so after many years, Aljur Abrenica is now considered that hunk in GMA Network, period!

Can anyone blame Abrenica if he comes to this point of wanting change?

Recently, GMA Artist Center actor gets a transformation in his religion which in turn would have transformed even his personal convictions. And with the personal faith that seeks to please God in all aspects, being that 'meat' that every viewer loves to devour in the sensual meaning of it may not be anymore pleasing to Abrenica.

Can anyone blame him if he wants a release from the contract that, to him, has no plans of putting his name in the acting legacy over the meat department?

In the end, all that Abrenica desires is a healthy conversation between him and the network. No plans to transfer to another network at all. Just a demand to be granted. And since it was not granted in a process that would have only involved him, his manager, and his network, he takes it to court to make it sound.

No one can blame him. All this man desires is a meatier career in the acting industry. One that would allow him to leave a mark as an artist not as one who takes off his shirt every now and then. No one can blame this guy if he wants a network who would support him to be the best in this field and not just be popular as one who boasts of his physique. Because more than his body, Abrenica, in his lens, may just want to be used as a talent since that's what he got into this business at the onset. Besides, if the earlier were really his plan, he could have just applied to be a member of Chippendales in USA.

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