Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Alden Richards & Alessandra De Rossi for a GMA Films Movie?

A romantic-comedy film for Alden Richards & Alessandra De Rossi under GMA Films to be directed by Andoy Ranay. Yes!

The headline is indeed interesting but it ends there. Unless of course the bosses behind GMA Films and the creative team would be brilliant enough to actually notice that this idea can actually become a big hit!

Given the right material, a comic role for Alessandra De Rossi who has been waiting and waiting and finally a younger guy comes along who meets the man of his dreams only younger. No conflict on third party is needed. The conflict can just focus on the lady's hard time to accept that she can't be old enough for the guy when it's true love.

Typical, age doesn't matter. But given a great script and a great director, this one will be a new movie to watch out for.

Get a glimpse of their possible onscreen chemistry by watching this clip from Basta Everyday Happy where De Rossi interviews Richards.

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