Sunday, January 26, 2014

Deniece Cornejo Speaks Up

Deniece Cornejo, the lady involved in the whole Vhong Navarro case, has finally spoken up in response to the interview of Vhong Navarro yesterday! She insists for justice as well.

In a series of tweets by GMA News reporter Kara David, Deniece Cornejo releases her official statement. Here are the tweets from Kara David's account that served as a report about Cornejo.

Meanwhile, an undisclosed account on Instagram posted this photo statement. She says that she posted this just in case it can help.

The account user says she lives in the same condo and the same floor as Cornejo. But this photo won't be of use to the investigation at all until the account user officially testifies.

In the media field, Karen Davila also does her part by asking the ones who retweeted this photo as to who owns it. She also posted this tweet showing that she's looking at all sides as a journalist.

The fans who are going against the principle of balanced reporting, complaining about what GMA News did for releasing the a report about the blotter, should all learn from ABS-CBN news anchor Karen Davila. Taking the 'if' principle. Not assuming who's telling the truth but hearing all sides.

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