Wednesday, November 13, 2013

The Battle of Christmas Station IDs 2013

The unnecessary battle between Christmas station IDs has begun for 2013!

ABS-CBN came out with their Kwento Ng Pasko theme. It begins with real stories from people of how their Christmas season goes. Then the usual gathering of all Kapamilya celebrities doing their own good deeds during the season. Charity here and there and small acts of kindness shown in the music video. Good one as it gives us a smile and inspires us to do good deeds as well.

GMA Network just released theirs at a time when the nation is in grief. It does not inspire change nor little action. The theme: the main point of Christmas who is Jesus Christ. It's simpler and I'm sure it didn't require days for them to shoot their Kapuso celebrities. Fans of Kapamilya can throw mud at them for another low effort station ID but here's my say: nobody goes wrong in reminding people what the real point of Christmas is.

ABS-CBN is still the best in the field of station IDs. No doubt about it. But the move of GMA Network this year to ask their followers to follow the STAR that leads back to Jesus Christ is outstanding.

The two station IDs, in their own rights, deserve praises. ABS-CBN, in general, is more on the good works we can do, the good deeds we can contribute so we can share the love this season. GMA Network, on the other hand, made its dwelling on grace. It focused on how everything was in darkness and on one holy night, the stars were brightly shining and a new hope was born, a real hope.

Kudos to both networks!

And to the fans, isn't it time to walk the talk of the two station IDs. It's not time to be in battle. ABS-CBN's ID shows how we can love one another. Why don't we all do that instead of verbally maligning others for being fans of the other network?

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