Wednesday, November 27, 2013

The Another Thalia Remake: Maria Mercedes

Thing is, Kapamilya network is serious about making her name bigger than what Marian Rivera made for herself after taking the role of a 'Thalia' soap opera. However, circumstances seem a little different for the Maria Mercedes of the Philippines.

After a good number of weeks that this remake has been aired, The Outsider concludes that Maria Mercedes is just another Thalia remake. Why? Let us give you some reasons we think are the factors why it hasn't become a big hit just yet.

1. Jessy Mendiola has the looks but the role of Maria Mercedes demands for someone more mature in the acting department. Plus the fact that her dance moves is far different from the way Thalia did it before. Remember that it was the way Thalia moved that contributed a lot to the success of the soap.

2. Maria Mercedes material demands for a more credible lead actor who embodies 'THE IDEAL GUY' like in the original version. Nothing against Jake Cuenca but he's just not that actor that fits that quality. Sam Milby would have made a better option.

3. Remakes, remakes, remakes. They're boring now. Needless to explain.

4. To be phenomenal, it takes destiny. When Bea Alonzo was launched, anyone could say "this is going to be phenomenal." Same case as Sarah Geronimo and Kim Chiu. You would just know. But Jessy Mendiola... She'll be a good character actress soon.

Peace out to the fans of Jessy Mendiola. We hope her the best.

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