Saturday, May 11, 2013

Will Skylight Films' Bromance Fly after My Cactus Heart Flopped?

Even fans of Maja Salvador, Matteo Guidecelli, and Xian Lim can attest that Skylight Films' My Cactus Heart was not only a flop gross-wise, it was also a flop movie-wise.

I don't know what has gotten into the minds of the movie crew but this movie featured a bizarre Matteo Guidecelli in a really bad way. In this movie, he proved that he couldn't act at that time and that all he could do was delivery his lines in a very corny way. That's our biggest complaint! Maja was not ready for this film. But Xian Lim already proved early on that he could act and deliver his role well even when it's an insignificant role. The story was good but storytelling was bad. Too bad sleep was something I preferred during the movie.

Here's how this movie scored according to Box Office Mojo's final tally.

Having said this, The Outsider is quite interested in how Bromance will score. It's still Skylight Films but with a new director this time, blockbuster director this time.

Will Skylight Films be able to pull off another attempt at partnering with Star Cinema? Without putting another flop movie to the very short list of Star Cinema's flop films? Let's see!

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