Saturday, April 27, 2013

Fans' Request Granted: #HappyBirthdayElmoMagalona

With more than 600,000 followers on Twitter, a number of endorsements under his name and a consistent trending topic almost weekly, Elmo Magalona is truly one of the most phenomenal celebrities present in the showbiz industry.

Now that he's celebrating his birthday, the Outsider would like to highlight his strengths that may make him a bigger star.

We've always stressed that Julie Anne San Jose is better off without Elmo Magalona. Now that we've gotten a chance to post an entry about Elmo Magalona, we also want to put this on record: Elmo Magalona can make it bigger even without Julie Anne San Jose.

Elmo's strengths
Admit it, the guy can perform. He can dance well and he has the charisma on stage. He can get away with the not so good singing voice because he can sing still. But his charisma is enough to bring him farther.

Elmo can rap! Not just rap, but he can rap like he owns the stage. Thanks to his dad, Francis M., who did not only pass on a talent but a legacy of followers as well. Elmo, being that he's a son of a famous OPM rapper, can make it bigger because his dad made sure he will make it bigger.

Whether or not he can act, we leave that judgment to the box office results and ratings of his movies and TV shows. As for the Outsider, we stick to his strengths. Without asking him to act, he can make it really big in the music field both recording and live performances. Like real big!

What's lacking?
He lacks an album! A single with a music video. That's what he lacks. He lacks a team who can push his name even farther. To tell you honestly, had he been with ABS-CBN, specifically Star Magic, his number of Twitter followers may have been more than what he has now. But granted that he's with GMA Network, we can only hope that they will be able to utilize him at his best.

To mention this without comparing, he's actually the 'Daniel Padilla' of GMA Network only with a lesser following. But that alone is already an honor, a privilege-- to be a big star.

But Elmo Magalona, on your birthday, our only wish is this: that you become a bigger star without compromises. Please don't follow the footsteps of Justin Bieber who has gone wild. You can manage better since you're at an older age than him when he entered the industry.

Again, #happybirthdayElmoMagalona

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