Saturday, September 8, 2012

Rhian Ramos: Can She Still Make It?

If The Outsider were the PR specialist and image consultant of Rhian Ramos, we would have taken a different route, a route opposite to the ones she took today.

For one, The Outsider would ask her to do an intimate interview answering the major question: DID SHE GET PREGNANT?

Second, The Outsider  would repackage her to have less exposure and more on acting.

Third, The Outsider would ask her to tame on love life and not be public with KC Montero.

Fourth, The Outsider would not let her take Primetime show roles and focus on afternoon prime. To show that she has to get back up career-wise.

And of all those steps, we think that as long as she does the FIRST, she can forget about all the others.

To GMA 7, we're not against Rhian Ramos. In fact, the reason why we wrote this is because Rhian Ramos is by far one of the BEST that the network has produced. We just think that it may be a waste of time investing on her career without appropriate steps to get her a new set of followers.

What we're saying is simply this: there are more actresses in the network's stable that deserve more attention. And that the viewing public just wants honest celebrities.

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