Sunday, August 19, 2012

Why Zendee Rose Deserves An Exclusive Contract

Finally, she's on TV. Zendee Rose Tenerife, Random Girl, is not just a Youtube sensation but she has all the right to be seen on TV. Now that she has accidentally got the attention of not just Filipinos but foreign press and star builders, there's no reason why Zendee Rose can't ink a management contract both in singing and on TV.

Last week, when posted the video by Yuan Juan, we predicted that Kapuso Mo Jessica Soho would most likely feature her from this article. It truly happened. In fact you can watch part of it after the jump.
Zendee Rose featured in Kapuso Mo Jessica Soho in the Viral Diva segment.

When her name became famous, and when she got interviewed in 24 Oras, she said that she's in Manila after not getting through the next stage of a singing competition. We searched what show this was and we found out that she auditioned for X-Factor Philippines. Here's her audition piece.

In her interview with 24 Oras, we checked out ABS-CBN on that day to see if she also had an interview with them. There was none that we saw. Then last Sunday, she has finally landed on our TV screens via Party Pilipinas. Watch it here.

Judging from her appearances and interviews with GMA Network, we think that the network has already gotten her to be with them. But why not?

Why does Zendee Rose Tenerife deserve an exclusive contract?
She's more than just a Youtube sensation. Her voice is out of this world compared to the ones who actually got the spots in the X Factor Philippines and have been getting comments like 'out-of-this-world' when we don't see the point why such comment.

She writes songs that are not baduy at all. She gave a sample of her written piece in KMJS.

She registers well on TV

Her roots and life experiences seem like her feet will put her always on the ground. Walang angas unlike others who act as if they have reached the top of the world.

Zendee Rose, THE OUTSIDER is with you.

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